Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I send and receive money?

You can send and receive money at the following offices in the network of Fexopay:
- in Bulgaria
- in Cyprus
- in Greece
- in Spain

How much time does it take to receive a cash money transfer?

As soon as the amount is reported in our system, the receiving party can immediately take their money at any location in our network. Typically it takes no more than 5 minutes.

How much money can I send from an agent location?

The maximum amount available is 1000 Euro per transaction. You can make up to 5 transactions per day.

What is the fee for sending 100 Euro to Bulgaria?

There is a fixed fee of 5 Euro for sending amounts between 51 and 150 Euro.
You can find all the international money transfer fees on the following link.

What is the procedure when receiving money?

In order to receive money you need to present:
- Your valid ID Card AND
- Name of the sender.

After the information given is verified, the cashier fills-in the following information in the system:
- Your ID Card number and date of issue
- Your Personal Identification Number
- Your full name
- Your address.

After the information is approved by the system an order of payment is printed and the receiver signs the receipt and receives the funds.

When receiving a FexoPay transfer, the amount is paid out in the principal currency of the agent, whereas FexoPay does not charge additional fees.

Note that only the person who's information is given by the sender can take the money transfer.

What is the procedure when sending money?

In order to send money you need to present to the cashier of FexoPay the following information:
- Your name
- Your valid ID card
- Name and country of the receiver
- ID card number or personal identification number of the receiver
- The amount of money to be sent.

Depending on the country where the transfer is to be received and the amount of money, you may need to provide additional information. The cashier will inform you in case such information is needed.
After the filled-in data is verified, the cashier will issue a document with the following information:
- Transaction number of the payment
- Name of the sender
- Amount sent and currency
- Reason for the payment (optional)
- date of the payment
- office from which the amount is being sent

Can I order a bank transfer?

Yes, you can order a bank transfer but only to a bank account in Bulgaria. Bank transfers to banks outside the territory of Bulgaria are not available at the moment.

What is the fee for a bank transfer to Bulgaria?

The fee for a bank transfer to Bulgaria for amounts up to 100 euro is 3.50 euro, and for transfers above 100 euro is 3.5% of the amount.

You can see the full list of the fees here.

What should I do if I accidentally spelled wrong the number of the ID Card or the Personal Identification Number when sending money?

Any changes of information regarding the money transfer can be done only on request by the sender. The client is obliged to give back the original copy of the receipt as he/she should point out all the mistakes in a written form.

How do I cancel a money transfer?

If in any circumstances you wish to cancel a money transfer, you first need to make sure that the amount hasn't been already paid out.
Cancellation of a money transfer can be done only on request by the client (sender) and on their consent. The client is obliged to give back the receipt as he/she should point out the reason for the cancellation in a written form.

What is a Prepaid Credit Card Visa?

The Virtual Card Visa is a prepaid non-plastic credit card verified by Visa, issued in cooperation with Central Cooperative Bank Bulgaria.
With this card you can shop freely within the global Internet network wherever you find the VISA logo (Verified by VISA). Read more about the prepaid virtual card Visa at:

What kind of utility bills can I pay in Bulgaria?

Any person who has liabilities in Bulgaria such as:
- Real estate property
- Rentals
- Telephone bills
- Internet
- Electricity bills
- Taxes and duties
- Traffic police fines, etc.
can pay them all in the network of FexoPay.

How can I pay my utility bills in Bulgaria?

The clients can pay their utility bills in Bulgaria at a cash desk or on-line at

What are the fees for utility bills payment?

The fee for payment of a single utility bill from abroad to Bulgaria is 2.50 euro for a registered client and for a non-registered client is 3.50 euro. It is not necessary to pay all liabilities at once.
There are no fees when payment is made within the territory of Bulgaria.

How can I become a Fexopay registered client?

Registered clients are those who have already paid their liabilities through our system and requested the information provided to be saved in the system. Only a telephone number is needed the system to open automatically the client's registered bills.
The client registration is free of charge.

What is a Micro-account?

The Micro-account is an electronic payment instrument used for on-line payments and money transfers. It can be used for payments at
With a simple registration at, every client receives a Micro-account. It can be deposited with an amount of money on request by the client through the following ways:
- At a cash desk of Fexopay
- From another Micro-account
- Through a bank transfer
- From an ATM with a debit or credit card
For more information, please visit: