• Money Transfers Within the Network of FexoPay
- Cash-to-Cash
- Cash-to-Account
- On-line with a debit or credit card

Cash amounts are received within 5 minutes, regardless of the sender's location.
All transactions are in real time and payments can be done not only at a cash-desk, but on-line as well at www.epay.bg. Our international network, including Bulgaria, has nearly 3000 locations where money transfers can be paid out.

Bank transfers take up to 2 business days, and are available only to bank accounts in Bulgaria.

  • Utility Bills and Tax Payments in Bulgaria
- Electricity
- Water
- Central heating
- Telephone
- Satellite TV: Bulsatcom, ITV Partner, etc.
- Internet

It is possible to pay utility bills at every office within the network of FexoPay. You can find us in the biggest supermarkets, telecommunication companies, banks, gas stations and many other locations. In Bulgaria we have built strong relationships with well-known international and local companies such as: Central Cooperative Bank, Teximbank, D Bank, Fibank, OMV, Billa, Kaufland, Office 1 Superstore, Handy, Jeff and many more.

In addition, you can also pay:

- Taxes
- Social security contributions
- Fines
- Insurances
- Loans
- Rents
- Commissions, awards, charity payments, etc.

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  • Mass Payments
- Salaries
- Dividends
- Commissions
- Awards, etc.

With one transfer you can send money to more than one person. Funds can be received in the entire network of FexoPay.

The Micro-account is an electronic payment instrument used for on-line payments and money transfers via www.epay.bg. It can be deposited with an amount of money in the entire network of FexoPay.