Utility Bills and Tax Payments

Liabilities in Bulgaria

- Electricity
- Water
- Central heating
- Telephone
- Satellite TV: Bulsatcom, Blizoo, etc.
- Internet

FexoPay offers well-established methods for utility bills and tax payments such as through: ATM, cell phone, at a cash desk in our offices, and on-line with a debit or credit card at ePay.bg.

Another service FexoPay offers to its clients is the possibility to purchase low-cost offers in cooperation with group-shopping, or the so called ”deal of the day” e-commerce web sites. Clients can now buy any offer at a discount and pay the amount at a cash desk within the whole network of FexoPay or on-line at ePay.bg.

Information for all the companies to which payments can be done, is available here.

Any person who has liabilities in Bulgaria, related to their real estate property, rentals, telephone bills, taxes and duties can check them on-line at the following link.

Utility Bills